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Coming to Hollywood on August 17th, 2013!

I'll be your co-host at That's Voiceover at the DGA on August 17th! See you there!
Tamara Tunie
I am absolutely giddy about That's Voiceover! It's going to be a blast.
Wes Stevens
If I get 10% of the take, guess whose doing 90% of the work?
Vanessa Gilbert
I'm glad you've finally come to your senses.

Patrick Fraley
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on Aug 17th.
Keith David
It's going to be a Red Carpet Education!
Cort Casady
Prepare to be inspired! Immerse yourself in the universe of voiceover!
Joan Baker
This is BIG! I'm going #1 in the NBA draft. Go Sixers baby!
Rodd Houston
You're in my world now... and I've got friends on the other side.
Dr. Facilier
See you on August 17th!
Nita Whitaker
I’ve always believed you should let the copy suck for itself.
Bill Ratner
I named my dog Spot and my cat Tag. The VO biz has been good to me.
Joe Cipriano
I've never met a word that didn't have something to say.
Cedering Fox
Hello Hollywood! Get ready for a day to remember!
Dave Fennoy
Voice acting is about deciphering words - the ancient code of the human heart.
Scott Brick
This is going to be an awe-inspiring day of insight, success and excitement.
Nancy Wolfson
I've never met a microphone I couldn't talk to.
Christopher Currier
Reading can be fun, educational and profitable. :-)
Jason Ojalvo
Auditioning without falling in love with the copy is banking on luck, not skill.
Rudy Gaskins
See you at the DGA on August 17!
George DelHoyo
Okay, so a horse walks into a vocal booth...
Jeffrey Weinstock
I love being a water spirit. Can mermaids do voiceover?
Sylvia Villagran
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Melissa Disney
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Ellen K.
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Pat Duke
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Valerie Smaldone
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Denise Woods
Melanie Harrison
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Melanie Harrison
Lori Alan
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Lori Alan
Zack Kaplan
See you at the DGA on August 17!
Zack Kaplan

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Purchase the Livestream of That's Voiceover! On Saturday, August 17, 2013, THAT'S VOICEOVER steps under the dazzling lights of Hollywood to launch new VO careers and inspire new heights and success for VO pros. THAT’S VOICEOVER is proven to inform and entertain you from morning to night with the participation of the top pros in the business. Plus, take part in real-world auditions and a chance to meet one-on-one sessions with the top voiceover agents in Hollywood. Yes, you could be discovered!  THAT’S VOICEOVER is your national showcase for meeting the buyers, agents, and creative directors who generate the work you want and the excitement that motivates positive outcomes. Here you’ll meet the top coaches - those with a proven track record for career success. These are the experts who will show you how to refine your talents and target your marketing strategy. Experience the full spectrum of the world of voiceover acting. It’s all happening on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at The Directors Guild of America. Special early bird ticket price extended to July 27, 2013.

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