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    2014 Voice Arts Nominees – Final

  • Voice Acting and the Myth of Rejection

    As a voice actor, you may sometimes find yourself carrying the weight of rejection as a necessary price of admission. This burden results from unreturned phone calls, auditions you didn’t book, agents who’ve said no or a teacher who says, “You’re really improving but there’s still work to do.” It’s exacerbated by observing other actors […]

  • 15 Networking Tips for the Thriving Voice Actor

    Every human enterprise gives rise to its own brand of networking. One might argue that networking is the lifeblood of success. Some describe it as “playing politics,” some subscribe to the philosophy of “It’s who you know,” and then there are some who are content in the belief that, “good things come to those who […]

  • Why Enter An Awards Competition? 10 Reasons Why Awards Matter

    Note: The Voice Arts™ Awards program (see announcement) – which is accepting nominations through August 24 – has drawn industry praise, such as this from popular voice talent/trainer Pat Fraley: Yet skeptics question the program’s value and purpose. Below, Rudy Gaskins – producer, voice over coach, and one of the program’s creators – responds […]

  • The Basic Idea of It All

    Photo Source: Welcome to Voiceover Exchange, where the exciting world of voiceover acting will be shared with clarity, accuracy, and a focus on creating a successful career. If your interest in voiceover acting is to enjoy a job you love at the highest level to which your talent can take you, then you’re in […]

  • Finding the Best Voiceover Teacher for You

    Photo Source: The pursuit of a voiceover career almost always starts with the recognition of something distinctive about one’s voice. People are struck by a certain vocal quality and are compelled to identify it as “special.” Sometimes it’s as simple as the voice being deep and resonant or high-pitched and squeaky. Aside from the […]

  • East Coast vs. West Coast: Where’s the Voiceover Work?

    Voice actors often come to a crossroads as to whether the west coast or east coast will provide the most fertile ground for a gainful career, or whether they can truly live their dreams outside of these two media behemoths. New York and Los Angeles are generally the cities in question, though solid opportunities abound […]

  • MaryLynn Wissner

    Mary Lynn Wissner actually started her career in front of the camera!  It was the 80′s, she was a girl from the Valley and it helped pay for college.  With 2 degrees, English from UCLA and Broadcast Journalism,  from Cal State, University, Northridge, Mary Lynn knew she didn’t really want to pursue the on-camera side […]

  • Jeff Howell

    This will be an awesome time for all!

  • Now That’s Voiceover!

    You need only spend a few minutes in the voice over business before you hear the names Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins mentioned with the utmost respect and admiration. They’re the dynamic husband and wife team who create a literal “buzz” wherever they go with their charisma, talent, business savvy and zest for life. We […]

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