Neumann Sponsors Voices for a Cause

Los Angeles – September 22, 2011 – Audio specialists Sennheiser and Neumann have teamed with NY-based agency Push Creative to co-sponsor That’s Voiceover!, a comprehensive, one-day voiceover event and career seminar featuring more than 20 industry professionals and voiceover industry insiders from New York to Los Angeles. The event will take place on October 6 and will provide a penetrating look into the world of voiceover acting, as well as outlining the steps required to establish a successful voiceover career. Read more

A Fan Speaks from the Heart

Jason Weiner gets backstage support from VO Actor Rodd Houston

By Jason Weiner
Photos by Jeff Fasano

When I bought my ticket for That’s Voiceover! in New York last year, I figured I might meet some good people and learn a few things. Well it was not unlike the time I went to the Grand Canyon to see a hole in the ground. In both cases, my expectations and preconceived notions were blown away.

My first reaction upon arriving at the event was, “Wow this is first class all the way.” Clearly the people that put it together were pros. Before the event even started I was able to talk to a union representative and mingle with producers and other voice actors. Read more

Announcing a special tribute to Don LaFontaine

This year’s THAT’S VOICEOVER! will include a special tribute to Don LaFontaine, presented by his wife Nita Whitaker-LaFontaine. Nita has been a champion of Don’s legacy, shepherding the creation of the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab for SAG and overseeing the establishment of the Don LaFontaine Legacy Award which is going into it’s 4th year at Promax/BDA.

And Nita is an extraordinary talent in her own right. “She’s the real voice int he family.” Don was fond of saying. Talent is the thing. If that were all there was, then Nita Whitaker would be singing for the kings and queens because her talent defies description. Read more

Top Voiceover Artist Joan Baker Finds Success by Cultivating the Talent of Others

Author of “The Secrets of Voiceover Success” Counsels Aspiring Voiceover Artists
to Know their Voice and to Choose the Right Equipment

Voiceover Artist Joan Baker

New York–June 21, 2011: In her ascent towards becoming a top voiceover artist, Joan Baker’s success has taken root on two basic principles: “know your voice” and “choose the right equipment.” After getting her start by doing cartoon character voices on cable television, Baker’s talent was quickly spotted by several top voiceover agencies, giving her a platform from which to drive her own success and become aligned with the right tools of the trade. One her first decisions was to use Neumann microphones. Read more

That’s Voiceover is coming to LA

On October 6th 2011, THAT’S VOICEOVER steps into the dazzling lights of Los Angeles. Among the beaches, movie star homes, famous personalities and Hollywood Landmarks, THAT’S VOICEOVER intends to make voiceover worthy of the Walk of Fame and see newcomers and pros emerge with new and revitalized careers in a growing market. THAT’S VOICEOVER IS YOUR Hollywood Showcase for meeting the buyers, agents, and creative directors who generate the work you want. You’ll also meet the top coaches – those with a proven track record for career success.

New York event was a crowd pleaser

We wish to thank the 2010 speakers, attendees and sponsors for a spectacular New York event filled with inspired, career-changing information and outstanding networking opportunities. 350 people joined us in New York, while another 50 people participated via Live Online Audio We saw several attendees connect with agents and buyers toward new career openings. Congratulations to you!

And a big congratulation goes out to Rachel Logan, winner of the Push Creative Audition Spotlight.

Enjoy 100’s of pictures from the “Gallery,” including speakers, attendees, special guests, and sponsors. And stay tuned for behind the scenes video clips coming soon!