Christopher Currier

Christopher Currier has been with Sennheiser for 8 years. He is the Product Specialist for Studio Systems at Sennheiser USA and is also a emerging voiceover talent. Indeed, he is the official voice of Sennheiser USA – including television ads, tradeshow exhibitions, and is the voice of the telephone system for the US headquarters.  In addition to his work for Sennheiser/Neumann, Christopher has also voiced jobs for Emerson Process Management, IBM and HP.  His work at Sennheiser includes managing the marketing for Neumann in the US as well as Sennheiser’s studio line of products. And there’s no wonder Christopher is so in tuned with all things audio: He has conducted two collegiate acappella choirs and attended the HARTT School of Music where he studied composition.

See Christopher Currier’s Special Seminar:

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
The Mic: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

If you think a great voice and solid training is all you need to launch a stellar voiceover career, you have no idea. The microphone is arguably the next most important component to a voice actor’s work. You might say that if your vocal talent is the body, then what you do with the microphone is its beating heart. In this highly interactive and hands-on seminar, Christopher Currier shows you how to become as comfortable with a microphone as you are with your voice. You’ll take your relationship with the microphone to a whole new level as you learn how to employ Tips, Tricks and Techniques to get the results you want. Join Christopher Currier (the voice of Neumann/Sennheiser) as he takes you beyond the technology and myths and into the realm of artistry!  Volunteers will be taken from the audience and will get an opportunity to try out some of the best microphones in the industry – – from the venerable Sennheiser MKH 416 to the coveted Neumann U 87. Remember, having a great mic is just half the story. What you do with it is a whole other thing.