30 TVO Attendees will be selected by invitation and pre-approval interviews to participate in Speed Dating With Your Demo Reel™



  • Participants are included by invitation only.
  • For consideration, please send your demo reel (mp3 only) and your That’s Voiceover!™ ticket number to info@sovas.org. You will be contacted via email.
  • Only 30 people can be admitted to Speed Dating. Each must complete a brief phone interview to confirm readiness and availability.
  • Participants must possess a professionally produced demo reel. The demo reel must be made available on a mobile or portable device during the Speed Dating session. (No electricity is provided so charge those batteries.)
  • Participants must demonstrate a general readiness for working at a professional level.
  • Participants must be an attendee of That’s Voiceover!™ and be present during the designated time slot.


Speed Dating With Your Demo Reel™ is a unique opportunity where select voice actors (seasoned and emerging) meet with talent agents, casting directors and media producers in a series of one-on-one, 6-minute interviews. Voice actors will have the chance to share their demo reels and discuss career objectives with a variety of experts who will offer insight toward helping you to move your career forward. It’s an extraordinarily rewarding and fun experience for all involved.

Speed Dating With Your Demo Reel™ is a professional networking event created and originated as an exclusive feature of That’s Voiceover!™Career Expo. It’s one of many networking opportunities, events, presentations and seminars offered exclusively at That’s Voiceover!™

*SPEED DATING is not a guarantee, offer, promise or suggestion that participating attendees will achieve employment, agency representation or special favor from any of the participants involved. The views and opinions expressed between participants of SPEED DATING are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SOVAS™.