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That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo
November 4th Schedule

9:00 am   Registration

Get yourselves checked in, say hello to our exhibitors, say hello to friends, hit the auditorium and fasten your seat belts.


There’s Money In Your Radio II
Hosted by Joe Cipriano, Author and Voice Actor

What Producers Want
Hosted by Rudy Gaskins, CEO & Chairman, SOVAS™

Diversity and Your Next Booking
Moderated by Angela Guzman
Director, Supplier Diversity |NBCUniversal | Twitter: @AngelaNBCU

Diversity has become a buzz word that belies the enormous breadth and depth of its impact on job creation, and for whom jobs are created. You may think the impact of diversity on the voice acting community is relatively insignificant. You may think question of diversity is irrelevant. You may think that white people have nothing at stake in the diversity conversation, or that diversity is another word for quotas. Well, think again. Angela Guzman is an expert who dwells in the trenches, and she’s here to show how knowledge of diversity issues can shape your career success for many years to come. Audience participation is going to be eye opening.


Intermission: 20 minute

Microphone Mastery For Voice Actors
Presented by Christopher Currier
Manager, Trade Marketing Americas | Pro Audio Solutions
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation

Is the crafts person only as good as his or her tools? For the voice actor, those tools include a myriad of analogue and digital devices, computer software, hardware, apps, and acoustics. These tools come in more variations than any one person can count and their ideal application is equally varied. Of course, the absolute ruler over all of these essential tools is the almighty microphone. And no one is more intimately familiar, than expert Sennheiser equipment specialist, accomplished voice actor, singer and musician, than the incomparable Christopher Currier. Christopher teaches and tantalizes as he demonstrates the magic of the microphone, and invites brave audience members on stage, as his willing guinea pigs, for some revealing experiments.

SOVAS™ Presents
The Backstage Vanguard Award for Arts and Humanities
2017 Recipient: Nancy Cartwright

Best known as the spiky-headed underachiever Bart Simpson, Emmy Award-winning voice actor Nancy Cartwright is also the unique voice behind Simpsons’ characters Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, and Rod Flanders. In addition to her work on “The Simpsons”, Nancy has continually expanded her acting arena, taking on the voice of Chuckie in Nickelodeon’s “Rugrats” and Rufus the Naked Mole Rat in Disney’s new hit show “Kim Possible” – all in keeping with her history of playing popular characters on such animated series as “Richie Rich”; “Animaniacs”; “Pinky and The Brain”; “The Critic”; “God, The Devil and Bob”; “Mike, Lu & Og”; as well as Chuck Jones’ final work, “Timberwolf”.

In selecting recipients for this unique honor, SOVAS™ and Backstage Magazine look first within the community of people who contribute to the world of voice acting.  Voice acting alone is not the key. The selection is inspired by exploring the range of ways an individual’s work and life define an archetypal standard that inspires others to be their best selves. We honor Nancy’s storied career as an actor, voice actor, writer, feature film producer and philanthropist. We celebrate her willingness to stand at the vanguard of what is possible for future generations. We acknowledge an artistic and humanitarian influence appreciated around the world.


3p – 6p         Exhibitors Reception (Fully Catered)

Lunch and beverages will be served. Our sponsors will be out to play. They’ll bring you up to date on the latest in audio technology, web design, voiceover training, news and more. Most of all, this is an opportunity to get your networking on, enjoy friends and meet new ones, and to share your knowledge and learn from others. Inspire and be inspired.


4:00         Speed Dating With Your Demo Reel

An exclusive one-on-one networking venue for a select number of talented voice actors, who will meet in 6-minute sessions with some of the top movers and shakers in the industry. This exclusive event admits 25 attendees who have been pre-approved via phone interview. This is a fast-paced rocket ride to talent self-awareness, marketing execution and networking skills. Talent will meet the moguls who can make a difference in their careers.  Anything can happen and it probably will. This event is for ticket holders only. Send your demo reel and request to and put SPEED DATING in the subject line.  Sponsored by Sennheiser.

4:00         Audition Spotlight™ For New York’s Own PIX11- Round 2

Just before what could possibly be the biggest voiceover moment in their lives, 30 finalists will step up to the mic for round two of the Audition Spotlight™, where they’ll compete for a paid voiceover booking. The winner will voice a TV Promo Campaign, be awarded a talent contract with a Vanessa Gilbert of Solid Talent Agency, and take home gifts that include a brand new MK8 Studio Microphone from Sennheiser.

6:10 to 8:20        Prime Time Schedule (To Be Announced)



Society of Voice Arts and Sciences
J. Michael Collins
Academic Scholarship Announcement

tvo_key_artSee who wins the coveted  SOVAS™ J. Michael Collins Academic Scholarship, which will go to one unsuspecting attendee sitting in the audience. The winner will be selected from applicants who demonstrate compelling determination to achieve their voice acting dream, in the face of life’s hardships and sometimes insurmountable odds. On this night, one of those people will hear their name called, and learn that their dream is still alive.

8:30     Audition Spotlight™ Finals

Under bright lights, before an audience of 500 people, with industry agents and producers judging and scrutinizing every nuance of every performance, 6 talented finalist will square off for the Audition Spotlight™ Grand Prize. One of them will bask in the spotlight of victory. The 4-part grand prize is a paid promo booking with a TV Network, a talent contract with SOLID Talent Agency, a brand new MKH 8 Studio Microphone from Sennheiser, and an outrageous swag bag you have to see to believe. This is where everything voiceover comes together–the moment that captures the essence of voice acting. Real. Live. Amazing.

9:30     Voice of Gods and Goddesses Reception

What a day! I mean, really? Your questions have been answered, you’ve bet some of the best in the business,  you’ve cultivated new relationships, made new friends and your cup runneth over with new inspiration. You’re an insider. Now, it’s time to celebrate it all over  decadent desserts and refreshing cocktails. Unwind a little and let networking take its course.  We’ll see ya tomorrow on the red carpet at the Voice Arts® Awards.

10:30     Goodnight.


Voice Arts® Awards Gala