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That’s Voiceover!™
November 12th Schedule


9:00 am   Registration


10:00        Performance Palooza – Voiceover Showcase   Presented by the HEAR Now Festival  and SueMedia Productions

This is your wake-up call! Prepare for an intravenous shot of voice acting caffeine! Voice Arts® Award nominated director Sue Zizza and master Foley artist and audio engineer David Shinn will choreograph a live audio theater production, featuring an All-Voice Arts® Award Nominated Ensemble of voiceover greats: Scott Brick, Hillary Hubert, PJ Ochlan, Kyla Garcia and the unflappable Phil Proctor. This is voice acting on a high wire, without a net – an inspired testament to the absolute finest in audio drama. Whatever you thought you knew about live audio theater is about to change. Join us for espresso and breakfast treats and then prepare to have your hair blown back. GOOD MORNING! tvo_seminar_palooza_02

10:45        Crash Course Audiobook MBA: Getting Smarter About Your Success

Sr. Manager of Marketing for ACX, Hannah Wall hosts an all-star team of audiobook award-winners to take you from the ground floor to the top of your game. Bridging the education gap is the magic key for the successful audiobook narrator. Narrating is an awesome career and it only gets better when you master the business of freelancing. You’ll graduate with honors when Hannah connects the dots with Kat Lambrix, Sr. Producer, Audible Studios / Mark Kondracki, Director-Producer, Outloud Audio / Christa Lewis, Narrator-Teacher, Wacky Titles Productions and Chris Fogg, Founder, ListenUp Audio. This in-depth, fast-moving session, will bring clarity to managing a non-traditional work schedule, simplifying taxes, the benefits of incorporation and securing health insurance. Then you’ll learn how to make your business soar by cultivating relationships with casting directors and other key players.  What does it really mean to take your career to the next level? Take a seat on the edge of your chair and find out. PLUS, ENTER TO WIN a 1-hour virtual audiobook VO coaching session with an Audible Studios producer. 2 winners announced at TVO on 11/12. Only from ACX!



11:35          Get Animated with Disney’s MOANA & ZOOTOPIA

The incomparable and legendary voice actor/teacher, Pat Fraley, brings you another gem from the depths of feature animation. From the phenomenal success of ZOOTOPIA to the highly anticipate opening of Disney’s MOANA, Fraley invites Casting Director Jamie Sparer Roberts, CSA (Voice Arts® Nominee) and Co-writer/Co-Director Jared Bush take us behind the creation of a major animated feature – starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and introducing Auli’i Cravalho. They’ll show you the nuts and bolts, practical considerations for working voice actors to better understand and prepare for roles in animation. You’ll see how the voice actor can best navigate relationships in a highly collaborative process, what’s expected in auditions and the skill set that’s required for long-term success. Plus, you’ll learn how a virtually unknown actor was cast for the starring role of MOANA and what that means for your career. Learn what every voice actor needs to sharpen their skills and increase their chances to work in major feature film animation. Enjoy behind the scenes clips and analysis of specific scenes. Watch the trailer!


 12:30 pm   INTERMISSION

1:00            There’s Money In Your Radio

Vast opportunities exist in radio voice acting and they’re often misunderstood against the digital backdrop. There are a few industry titans who understand the hidden treasure. Joe Cipriano investigates the radio medium’s opportunities with Writers Guild Award Winning Producer Dan Greenberger of CBS, the voice of the 2016 Emmys Melissa Disney,   Benztown Radio imaging director Justin Case, and the unflappable voice actor for radio and TV promotion, Howard Cogan. Looking to expand your voiceover horizons? There’s’ Money In Your Radio, gets to the heart of the questions and answers that can make all the difference. Be there and tune in!


2:00          Backstage Vanguard Award for Outstanding Agenting & Business Leadership

Celebrate with Super agent Ken Slevin, CEO & President of CESD Talent, when he receives the Backstage Vanguard Award for Outstanding Agenting and Business Leadership. Then listen in for a revealing interview about what it takes to provide successful agenting for voice actors. Hear from one of the best in the world about how agents work, what they look for and how voice actors can best acquire agent representation. It’s a conversation that could supercharge your career and inspire your success.



3p – 6p         Exhibitors Reception

Lunch and beverages will be served. Our sponsors will be out to play. They’ll bring you up to date on the latest in audio technology, web design, voiceover training, news and more. Plus: Wanna go for a ride? HONDA will unveil the latest in hydrogen-based fuel technology with a live display of the new 2017 Clarity Series: The Car for a Clean Future. Most of all, this is an opportunity to enjoy your friends and meet new ones – to share your knowledge and learn from others. Inspire and be inspired.

4:00         Speed Dating With Your Demo Reel

tvo_homepage_slide_02_1An exclusive one-on-one networking venue for a select number of talented voice actors, who will meet in 6-minute sessions with some of the top movers and shakers in the industry. This exclusive event admits 25 attendees who have been pre-approved via phone interview. This is a fast-paced rocket ride to talent self-awareness, marketing execution and networking skills. Talent will meet the moguls who can make a difference in their careers.  Anything can happen and it probably will. This event is for ticket holders only. Send your demo reel and request to and put SPEED DATING in the subject line.  Sponsored by Sennheiser.

4:00         Audition Spotlight™ For CBS – Round 2

audition_facebook_banner_04_1Just before what could possibly be the biggest voiceover moment in their lives, 30 finalists will step up to the mic for round two of the Audition Spotlight™, where they’ll compete for a paid booking for CBS2 Los Angeles. The winner will voice a CBS Promo Campaign, be awarded a talent contract with TGMD Talent Agency, and take home gifts that include a brand new MK8 Studio Microphone from Sennheiser.


6:00        Honda Presentation Video and Comments

Do you  know which voice actor is the voice of Honda? Look it up. You may be surprised. You’ll also be quite surprised when Honda unveils the latest auto technology toward a cleaner environment right on the grounds of Warner Bros. Studios at That’s Voiceover!™ and the Voice Arts® Awards, with a hot new spot voice by…




“Fun to drive” is at the core of our DNA, but sustainability is in our nature.
That’s why Honda is committed to environmentally responsible vehicles and working toward a zero-carbon-emissions future. Check out some of our latest innovations below.Honda Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Official Site



6:10       The Muhammad Ali Center

Muhammad Ali Center LogoThe Great One has left this earthly plain but not without leaving us all with an undeniable legacy of courage in his pursuit of greatness. “Be great. Do Great Things.” This year SOVAS™ has chosen to celebrate the Champ for his voice as a humanitarian and activist, and for all the blows he weathered to stand up for what’s best in our humanity. We will ask again to support his legacy by donating to the Muhammad Ali Center.

The Muhammad Ali Center is a multicultural center with an award-winning museum dedicated to the life of Muhammad Ali. The Center museum captures the inspiration derived from the story of Muhammad Ali’s incredible life and the six core principles that have fueled his journey. The mission of the Muhammad Ali Center is to preserve and share the legacy and ideals of Muhammad Ali, to promote respect, hope, and understanding, and to inspire adults and children everywhere to be as great as they can be.  GIVE.

6:20      Creating The Brand. Choosing The Voice.

If there’s one thing that exposes you, the voice actor, to the world beyond the booth, it’s understanding the mindset of the people who conceive, produce and shape the content that calls upon your skills. From content creation to agenting to casting to performance to audience. This is where the anatomy of voice acting unfolds. Meet the influencers, trendsetters and moguls behind every word you speak. But this time, they speak.


7:20      Million Dollar Voices   


Joan Baker, author of Secrets of Voiceover Success and co-creator of That’s Vocieover!™,
moderates a star-studded ensemble of some of America’s most prolific voice actors. Together, they’ll shine a light on the best and worst of the journey to voiceover success. Joining Joan will be  Voice Arts® Award winner Dave Fennoy, award-winning voice and star of stage and screen Fred Melamed, Voice Arts® Award winner Lori Alan, Voice Arts® Award winner and TV Producer Sharon Martin, from Transformers and Animaniacs Jess Harnell, and commercial superstar and voice of the Democratic national Convention, Sylvia Villagran.  Prepare to be exhilarated  and inspired as this stellar ensemble helps you navigate real-world opportunities, including the highs and lows on the journey to VO’s mountaintop. This is gonna be an epic rollercoaster ride. Our advice? Ride with your hands in the air!

8:20     SOVAS™ Academic Scholarship Announcement

tvo_key_artCelebrated voice actor and producer  J. Michael Collins, will present the prestigious SOVAS™ Academic Scholarship to one unsuspecting voice actor. The winner will be selected from nearly 50 applicants trying to achieve their voice acting dream in the face of life’s hardships and sometimes insurmountable odds. Tonight, one person will hear their name and learn that their dream is still alive.

8:30     Audition Spotlight™ Finals

Under bright lights, before an audience of 500 people, with industry agents and producers judging and scrutinizing every nuance of every performance, 6 talented finalist will square off for the Audition Spotlight™ Grand Prize. One of them will bask in the spotlight of victory. The 4-part grand prize is a paid promo booking with CBS2 Los Angeles, a talent contract with TGMD Talent Agency, a brand new MKH 8 Studio Microphone from Sennheiser, and an outrageous swag bag you have to see to believe. This is where everything voiceover comes together–the moment that captures the essence of voice acting. Real. Live. Amazing.

9:30     Voice of Gods and Goddesses Reception

What a day! I mean, really? Your questions have been answered, you’ve bet some of the best in the business,  you’ve cultivated new relationships, made new friends and your cup runneth over with new inspiration. You’re an insider. Now, it’s time to celebrate it all over  decadent desserts and refreshing cocktails. Unwind a little and let networking take its course.  We’ll see ya tomorrow on the red carpet at the Voice Arts® Awards.

10:30     Goodnight.


Voice Arts® Awards Gala

See Announcement Below, Followed by Schedule:








4:15 pm
Red Carpet Arrivals
Hit the lights of the red carpet reception and enjoy an abundance of gourmet hors d’oeuvres and delicious cocktails. Meet and greet the nominees, guests, presenters and performers at the beautiful and historic Warner Bros. Studios

5:00 pm
Opening Reception
Hit the lights of the red carpet reception and enjoy an abundance of gourmet hors d’oeuvres and delicious cocktails. Meet and greet the nominees, guests, presenters and performers at the beautiful and historic Warner Bros. Studios

6:00 pm
Voice Arts
® Awards
Sit back and enjoy a dazzling show of phenomenal performances and quick witted presenters and award winners. This is where nominees turn winners and heartfelt gratitude will be felt throughout the Silver Screen Theater. See and hear excerpts of the winning entries.

9:00 pm
Honda After Party
Enjoy more of your favorite cocktails and assorted gourmet desserts as you pose for pictures with with the nominees, winners and friends. Then collect your plush gift bag on your way to the after party.

10:00 pm