Joan Baker Rudy Gaskins

Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker are the full package of branding know-how and voiceover expertise. They put their experiences into words that will help you, the voiceover artist, improve your business, your branding and your skills!

Bern Nadette Stanis

The truest words are the counterpoint to our deeds.

Stewart Wilson-Turner

That's Voiceover! is a career feast laid at your feet.

That's Voiceover is coming to LA

On October 6th 2011, THAT’S VOICEOVER steps into the dazzling…

New York event was a crowd pleaser

We wish to thank the 2010 speakers, attendees and sponsors for…

Dr. Joyce Simons

See you on September 22nd!

Cedering Fox

I've never met a word that didn't have something to say.

Tor Myhren

I'm not a baby, but I play one on TV. It's very confusing.

Liz Lewis, C.S.A.

Like a great artist cast the colors of a painting, so I cast the voices for a spot. Well, sort of.

Valerie Smaldone

Hosting, acting, teaching, announcing, radio, TV… Whew, and that’s just Sunday.

Rudy Gaskins

Auditioning without falling in love with the copy is banking on luck, not skill.

Alan Kalter

I'm available to be nominated for Emmys, Golden Globes and best kisser.

Joan Baker

Prepare to be inspired! Immerse yourself in the universe of voiceover!