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Now That’s Voiceover!

You need only spend a few minutes in the voice over business before you hear the names Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins mentioned with the utmost respect and admiration. They’re the dynamic husband and wife team who create a literal “buzz” wherever they go with their charisma, talent, business savvy and zest for life.
We had been contemplating the options for having Joan and Rudy on the show for quite some time but with us being in Los Angeles and them being in New York City it was a cross-country challenge to say the least. We knew that Skype was an option but felt we needed to meet face-to-face to truly be able to appreciate all that Joan and Rudy bring to the table, both personally and professionally. With the help of our amazing mutual friend, Braintracks Audio super-coach Nancy Wolfson, the wheels were set in motion and months later we were finally able to work out all the details.

Joan and Rudy graciously carved out some time in their hectic visit to LA in early June to sit down with us to share their lives, wisdom and gregarious personalities with our global audience. The cameras were ready to roll as well as our new Sennheiser/Neumann lavalier microphones, courtesy of our latest sponsor, when they arrived and let’s just say it was “on” from the very first moment to the final segment. Joan, a fellow Neumann Endorsed Artist, in her stunning Norma Kamali dress, was playful and captivating when recalling her first break into show business and the process of landing her first voice over agent. Moments later, she was beautifully poignant and vulnerable sharing the painful experiences she endured growing up a biracial child on the West Coast. Rudy was quietly candid about the lean, early years in New York City struggling to make it in the film industry allowing us to see exactly why his intelligence, talent and compassion have earned him an Emmy award. Together they are an unstoppable force of the very best kind and clearly support and enhance each other’s strengths and abilities. They’re the masterminds behind the 13-hour event, That’s Voiceover, which is coming to Los Angeles on August 17, 2013 at the prestigious Director’s Guild on Sunset Boulevard. How’s that for an iconic venue! Joan and Rudy have choreographed every single detail in order to create an incredible opportunity laden experience where voice talent can turn their voiceover dreams into a reality. As yet another demonstration of their innate generosity, Joan and Rudy are giving a 20% discount on tickets to VO Buzz Weekly subscribers wanting to go to That’s Voiceover. Enter the special promo code: VOBUZZ at the time of purchase and you’re all set. We’re excited and honored to have been asked to participate in this amazing event and look forward to getting BUZZ-ed with all of you on August 17th. Whether it’s one of their epic voiceover events, their thriving New York-based branding company, Push Creative or Joan’s exceptional “must-read” book, Secrets of Voiceover Success (available from Amazon or Sentient) Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins are the epitome of class, passion of purpose and collaboration. They have taken their versatile backgrounds of hardship and triumph and combined it with their desire to continue growing, learning and giving back. The result is powerful and makes the voice over business a better place.
We celebrate our friends Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins and offer our love and gratitude for their commitment to the art of voiceover and to humanity. We know there are many more exciting things to come from them and how lovely that in some way, big or small, we will all be able to benefit from it and pay it forward in our own lives.
NOTE: Proceeds from the book, Secrets of Voice-over Success, and That’s Voiceover go to the Alzheimer’s
Association to honor the memory of Joan’s beloved father.
Posted by: VO Buzz Weekly