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Speed Dating With Your Demo Reel

Our mission at That’s Voiceover is to move your career focus from ambition to achievement.  You will find such opportunities in abundance on November 10th, but to take it one step further, we’re giving 20 lucky attendees the chance to get real-world, unfiltered, life changing feedback about the tools you use to promote your talent – primarily the demo reel but also your cold read performance and career goals. It’s an unparallelled chance of a lifetime – a voice actor’s dream opportunity. Already 17 voice actors have been signed to agents. In case you’re not aware, that’s amazing.

Speed Dating & Your VO Demo will allow this group (chosen randomly from ticket holders) to meet 5-6 separate agents/casting directors/producers on a one-on-one basis and get direct, personal feedback from each of them. They will evaluate your demo on the spot  or have you do a cold read. They will also discuss your current ambitions and achievements. It all takes place in an intimate semi-private setting where you’ll meet for 8-10 minutes before moving on to repeat the process with the next person in line. No matter how much experience you have or don’t have, what you’ll learn from this process alone is worth the price of admission and is unequaled anywhere in the industry. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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