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JAY WADHWA always wanted to work in television. He even went to Boston University where he created his own degree in Broadcast Advertising so he could achieve his lifelong dream of writing beer commercials. (While that took a few years to happen, he finally did produce one for ESPN which won a national BDA award for Graphics Design.)

In 1991, his career started in New York in the Network Advertising & Promotion Department at CBS. From there, his path took him to the NBC Network where he worked his way up the ranks and produced promos for Today, Nightly News, Dateline, as well as produced Dateline International – a 1-hour weekly news magazine show. He eventually was asked to join the Creative Services Team at MSNBC, and moved over to Cable.

After an action-packed year at MSNBC which encompassed major events like the bombing at the Atlanta Olympic Games and the TWA Flight 800 crash (both in the same week!), the deaths of Princess Diana and Jean Benet Ramsey, he had his fill of sad news, and left News to freelance for a few years. His travels took him to Oxygen Media to help with its network launch to Beantown Productions to a few other Stations he hadn’t tried out yet (CNBC, WCBS, and ESPN).

It turned out ESPN was a great fit, since he stayed there for almost 5 years…working on all things sports and promotion.

The pull from his hometown roots in Chicago became too much though, and in 2004, he moved back and stepped into the roles of Manager of Creative Services and Manager of Local Brand Marketing where he oversees the day-to-day production of station Creative and Image. Since he’s been back in Chicago, he’s won 3 Emmys, 3 PROMAX awards, and nominated for several others…but his GREATEST accomplishment has been the fact that all the producers and GFX artists who have worked with him in the past 7 ½ years have EACH won Emmys since he’s been there.

Jay believes you have to fall in order to get up, so no sacrifice is too great…and when you’re right speak up…when you’re wrong, fake it.

Manager of Creative Services, NBC Chicago

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