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Kiki Powell is senior business manager at mcgarrybowen/Chicago.  She has worked on many iconic brands throughout her career: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Kraft brands, Sears, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Gatorade, Quaker brands to name a few.  She loves commercial production behind the scenes, ’cause that’s where the true action really lives’.  After graduating from University of IL/Chicago with a BA in Communications, she started on the reception desk. This gave her great insight and appreciation that no job is too small or detail too little to be examined.  She works hard at being the consummate partner with her producers, providing support in legal and financial areas, with individual client’s guidelines and/or procedures as well providing union and/or trade organization contractual expertise.  She’s keenly aware of the value and necessity of finding the right voice for the right spot and how the relationship works to either enhance the spot or kill it. Having produced, she understands the other side but it’s on the business management side she finds most satisfying.  She enjoys being a part of the process that no one see’s or glorifies in commercial production.  She’s very excited to share her viewpoint from the agency side especially from the business management perspective.

Senior Business Manager, mcgarrybowen/Chicago

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