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Joan Sparks received her degree in advertising from the University of Illinois and began her career at Blair TV sales. In 1982 she was hired by Harrise Davidson, one of the first boutique talent agencies in Chicago. Her career as an agent continued in Miami, where she booked tv and film for Irene Marie, a top fashion agency with both national and international clients. She returned to Chicago in 1989 and joined Stewart Talent.

Joan has been head of the Stewart Talent Chicago voiceover division since 1992, broadening their primarily Midwest client base to include top national advertising agencies, cable and television networks, and ground-breaking gaming designers. She is proud to have assembled an incomparable team of agents, bringing new insight and strengths to the division. As the terrain of advertising has drastically developed in the past decade, her experiences have garnered awareness and acumen that make her remarkably knowledgeable in this field.

Stewart Talent voice actors can be heard in all areas of voiceover work, from innumerable commercials, websites, video games such as Halo and Crysis, as well as promos and movie trailers. Under her direction, Stewart’s voiceover division has developed a national reputation for exceptional voice talent. Stewart Talent is the premiere talent agency in Chicago with offices in New York and Atlanta. Stewart Talent shares its River North building with the offices of its sister fashion agencies, Chosen and Factor Women.

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