Our Mission at THAT’S VOICEOVER!

THAT’S VOICEOVER! is an event produced by the Society of the Voice Arts & Sciences™ (SOVAS™).

The program THAT’S VOICEOVER! is an annual career expo that brings together the key agents of the voiceover industry with the voiceover newcomers and working professionals to engage in gainful networking, employment opportunities, training, education, and auditions for voiceover jobs with major brands. In the past, these brands have included NBC, Neumann Microphone Company, Audible.com, CBS, SAG-AFTRA, Backstage Magazine, Sennheiser Electronics, The Alzheimer’s Association, and others.

The purpose of the program is to turn a white hot focus to the integrated means by which all the tentacles of the industry are best brought together for meaningful and measurable results through education, training and employment. Further, the program’s purpose is to create an inspired forum of learning that is regenerative, relevant and energizing for all concerned – inspiring interested parties to take on the challenges of succeeding with informed, vigorous action.

Finally, the purpose of this program is to show participants how the disparate parts of this complex industry can work together to elevate the skills, craft and artistry through best-in-class education, training and career networking that promotes and expands gainful career opportunities.

The program has been successfully implemented for several years in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and is continuing on an annual basis. The next event is scheduled for November 12-13, 2016 in Hollywood, CA.

  • Program Administrator: Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ Officers, Board of Directors and Volunteers
  • Implementation Date: This program is in progress. SOVAS™ spends 50 percent of its time ensuring the successful outcome of this program and planned activities. This program is funded with donations from individuals and local businesses.