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What is it?

THAT’S VOICEOVER! is an exciting, interactive, behind-the-scenes career event where the top agents and industry buyers come together with some of the top voice actors in the voiceover industry to  reveal the practical steps to establishing and sustaining a career in this highly rewarding and intriguing field. Through targeted Q&A, audience participation and real-world auditions, a finely tuned and comprehensive picture is conveyed for anyone desiring to become a voiceover actor or to work in one of the supporting careers (producers, writers, directors, agents) that make up the broader industry.

And continuing this year, the only competition of its kind: Push Creative Presents The AUDITION Spotlight – A chance for attendees to WIN an actual voiceover job with a television station or network.

Created by award-winning producers Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker and Joan Baker, author of Secrets of Voiceover SuccessTHAT’S VOICEOVER! has been an evolving national success, engaging a whole new audience of voice actors and entertainment professionals seeking insight into a heretofore anonymous industry, cloaked in secrecy and accessible to only industry insiders. Attendees range from hopefuls looking to break in, to seasoned voice actors seeking to refresh and invigorate long-standing careers. Doctors, lawyers, school teachers, house wives, you name them: the interest in mastering the art of voiceover is can be fully explored with the people who live it every day. THAT’S VOICEOVER is your ticket to get on board.

Hors D'oeuvres

THAT’S VOICEOVER! naturally attracts a large number of entertainment professionals: voice actors seeking to enhance their opportunities,  film and stage actors wanting to expand their capabilities, but it also attracts the behind-the-scenes support people (creative directors, talent agents/managers, advertising executives, acting teachers, casting agents, TV and radio producers) all of whom are interested in learning, networking and contributing to the conversation.

Open Bar

THAT’S VOICEOVER! is the new name given to a series of entertainment/educational events that Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker have evolved over several years, crisscrossing the country at museums, universities and various other public forums. Joan Baker, Rudy Gaskins and the consummate professional insiders they bring to the stage have elevated the scope and quality of the discourse on what it takes to break into the voiceover industry and how to do it at the highest levels of achievement.

Proceeds from THAT’S VOICEOVER! benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

100% of royalties from the sale of Secrets of Voice-Over Success
are donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.


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